Our project management teams manage your large-scale construction projects to ensure they are executed for the best value result. What makes us different is that our leadership is focused on doing what’s right for our customers, our employees and our communities, and not by how much revenue we can generate from a project.

Our tools and methodology have been developed over 20 years of continuous learning leading to superior execution through the implementation of risk assessments and pro-active mitigation planning. Our success comes from delivering projects that are of value to the client.



Programs based on visibility and flexibility

Our project management approach includes constraints and variation management to assure on-time delivery while delivering at a high level of quality, and within budget. Our programs consist of customized solutions from engineering through construction focused on high tech industry projects, including:

  • Pre-project planning through closeout
  • Semiconductor tool hook-up
  • Biopharma skid facilitation
  • MEP Systems – basebuild
  • Basebuild – Hook-up Integration
  • Contract Management
  • OPCI Program Management
  • Owner advocate consultation

We are able to successfully deliver projects based on our LEAN based solutions, client visibility through project specific KPIs and flexible delivery models that can be tailored to what is best for the client.