AM Technical Solutions is a Global Architecture, Engineering & Construction firm specializing in the high tech markets. With expertise across a wide range of markets, including Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Solar, and Data Centers and Technology and Research, our teams have created and delivered thousands of strategic programs in the following areas:

Construction Management

We are the best-in-class global construction management firm for your next build, expansion, or repurpose of data centers and other high tech facilities. We have been in business for over 20 years,...

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Project Management

Our project management teams manage your large-scale construction projects to ensure they are executed for the best value result. What makes us different is that our leadership is focused on doing what’s right...

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Facility Solutions

We are a global solutions provider for high complexity capital asset projects within your high tech facility to include startups, relocations, removal or facility consultation. We conduct risk assessments and proactively implement mitigation...

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