Second Quarter 2019 Leadership Meeting

The leadership team of AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) gathered July 15-17 in the Austin, Texas, area for our Second Quarter 2019 leadership meeting.

These meetings are critical for our team to focus on the alignment of our values and culture.

By the end of our time together, we achieved our objective of reviewing progress and making plans for how to continue delivering exceptional value to our customers:

  • We held ourselves accountable for applying our faith and ethical values in our business conduct.
  • We addressed any project constraints affecting our ability to achieve all three: Cost, Quality, and Schedule.
  • We focused on safety and the latest strides taken in construction project management.
  • We discussed the latest opportunities to optimize our globally-integrated teams to stay ahead of schedule in project completion.

Our Commitment to Delivering on Cost, Quality & Time

The central mission of our company is to deliver on cost, quality, and time for all high-tech construction projects and all customers. We take this very seriously and constantly review whether our teams are in a position to deliver on our promise to customers.

During the second quarter leadership meeting, we took time to review the latest metrics, reinforced a proactive approach to safety, ensured that we are incorporating the latest tools into our construction project management process, and looked for more opportunities to achieve First Time Right.

We believe that we are on track to continue delivering cost, quality, and time for all customers, especially with the added capabilities in pre-construction design, architecture, and engineering from the AGI team.

Now that we offer a complete, end-to-end solution for construction project management, we are uniquely positioned to create even more value for our customers. The leadership meeting simply reinforced that we have the team, capabilities, and resources to continue fueling our company’s ability to serve high-tech customers.