AMTS Supports Re-Roof Project for Major Semiconductor Facility

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) is currently supporting a five-month re-roof project for a major semiconductor facility located in the Southwestern United States.

The second phase of the Re-Roof Project calls for an overhaul of the facility’s aging and water-damaged roof system. The project consists of two parts: replacing a 49,680 sq. ft. FAB Utility Deck and a 38,076 sq. ft. portion of the FAB roof.

The facility’s roof is no longer serviceable due to age, severe weather damage, an increase in the number of leaks, and growing maintenance costs. The project was agreed upon to replace the current roof system, which is beyond warranty and life expectancy on the FAB utility deck and FAB buildings.

The AMTS Solution for Re-Roof Project

After walking the site of the semiconductor facility, AMTS determined a re-roofing solution to bring the building up to current standards.

The solution is to replace roof sections and replace the aged and failing roof system with a new Sarnafil PVC roof system. The replacement system offers a higher quality product, longer life expectancy, and provides the customer with superior warranty options than current system.

The primary focus of the project is to tie together roof coverings that were just completed over the FAB production area of the facility, then outward to support the overall facility and office area.

To ensure completion of this multi-million dollar re-roofing project, AMTS is supporting two main aspects: the construction work and the quality assurance (QA) process.

Re-Roofing Construction Work Provided by AMTS

The overall scope of the re-roofing project calls for several critical steps in the construction phase. The highlights of the construction work include:

  • Remove and dispose: pavers on current roof and the existing roof assembly.
  • Furnish: 24-hour water collection monitor around areas of current leaks.
  • Build: walls at metal panels to match new Phase 1 install.
  • Repair: existing concrete deck to ensure proper installation of new roofing system.
  • Provide: roll-on primer, self-adhering SA 31 Vapor retarder, Poly-iso insulation, Sarnafil G-410 fleece back membrane.
  • Utilize: flashing where needed throughout the new roof system
  • Fabricate and install: counter flashings from 24-gauge metal with Kynar finish and stainless steel shrouds over pipes entering walls.

Additionally, the project calls for work on the FAB to install two layers of 2.2” polyisocyanurate with a combined LTTR of 25, plus half-inch tapered crickets insulation in foam adhesive, and the installation of half-inch DensDeck Prime in foam adhesive.

Quality Assurance Provided by Third Party

To ensure that all quality standards are met for the re-roofing project, AMTS contracted with a third-party QA team to perform quality assurance observations. The QA checks on the building enclosure will be performed once per week for the duration of the project.

The specific QA functions to be performed throughout the project include:

  • On-site verification of each element of the work-in-progress, including substrate preparation, attachments and connection points, installation of air barrier, roofing, waterproofing, cladding, glazing systems and sealants.
  • Review of the installed assemblies compared to the approved shop drawings, architectural drawings, specifications, installation instructions, manufacturers’ product literature, Project Manual, and the industry accepted standard of care.
  • Communication of any deficiencies to AMTS prior to leaving the site.
  • Comparison of the quality of installation to the construction documents.
  • Identification of general defects that are a result of workmanship.
  • Create a punch list of observed defects and follow up with an additional visit to ensure required changes are implemented.
  • Final Punch List Walk to ensure completion of the project.

AMTS Delivers Exceptional Work For Semiconductor Facilities

AMTS is proud of our track record delivering on quality, time, and cost for high-tech customers. We appreciate the opportunity to provide a new roofing system for this semiconductor facility to ensure that critical work can continue without fear of the roofing system impairing production.

“To ensure the project is completed to specifications, the AMTS team has remained proactively involved throughout the project,” says Sandeep Davé, AMTS Chief Business Officer. ”We were present on-site when the old roofing system was torn off and we will remain on-site until the new roof system is completely reinstalled, covered up with membrane, and sealed up.”

To discuss your project needs updating, upgrading, or replacing aspects of your semiconductor facility, contact us today to inquire about utilizing our services.