Our Keys to Successful Construction Project Management

Since 1994, AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) has completed over $20B of global capital projects,
cleanroom construction builds, and facility expansions that consistently meets high standards for quality and excellence.

We are able to “deliver all three” project components — budget, quality, and schedule — because we exhibit a Lean culture and approach throughout.

The Secret to Lean Construction Project Management are the AMTS Value Pillars

AMTS has established value pillars that align with Lean principles to support each phase of the construction process from the Plan Cycle to the Build Cycle to the Operational Cycle.

Planning: Lean construction begins with a practical approach to project planning. This approach eliminates wasteful conflicts and constraints in the Planning phase, defines the core objectives of the project, and ensures the right financial incentives are in place.

Flexibility: We design each project with the expectation that the plan can and will change. Therefore, we must be able to take into account future modifications in a cost effective manner, such as a modular approach with a flexible means to modify.

Quality: AMTS will never sacrifice quality at the expense of cost or schedule. We are confident that we will deliver the highest quality even if the project changes because we have embedded Lean principles in every aspect of construction management to safeguard our process.

Communication: Stakeholders are involved throughout each phase. This approach closes gaps in communication, address changes in the project scope or timeline, and keeps both parties aligned with the common goal of completing the project in budget and on-spec.

AMTS Practices Lean Construction to Support Your Project

AMTS is capable of completing complex construction projects by following a Lean construction management system that aligns with the needs of each company we work with.

Our value pillars ensure that we remain transparent throughout the project, meet our deliverables of cost, quality, and speed, and complete the project right the first.

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