Mountaineer and Author Eric Alexander Speaks About Successful Leadership Skills

In business, the “win at all costs, or else” attitude is prevalent.  In order to reach aggressive goals, some CEO’s attempt to motivate their employees through fear.  (Fear of failure, fear of losing their jobs, fear of losing relevancy, etc.)   These CEO’s and their fear tactics may drive some short-term success, but in the long run this approach will destroy employee morale and company culture, and ultimately lead to long-term failure.

Eric Alexander, a Mountaineer and Author who was part of the Everest Team to set 5 World Records, recently spoke to the AM Technical Solutions Management Team about skills and qualities that help managers lead their teams to reach goals they may have thought were impossible.


Mr. Alexander spoke about these leadership skills:

  • Goal setting
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Preparation/Planning
  • Communication
    • Forgiveness
    • Trust and Reliance


Mr. Alexander learned that while these skills are life saving during a quest to reach the top of Mount Everest; he also says that they are equally as important keys to success in the business world.

“Trust – which is comprised of commitment and confidence – is like a muscle that we must exercise.  The more we work it out, the stronger we become at that skill,” says Alexander.

Of course, companies still ultimately have to measure success by the numbers: gross profits, margins, year-over-year growth and customer retention because they are in business to make money.  However, there are additional measures that support a successful corporate culture and can help improve financial success.

“If we set aside the numbers and focus on the intangibles, how can you measure success?  I look at Managers who don’t let their egos get in the way, teams who communicate effectively and managers who make wise decisions.”

“One of the most important factors is not letting fear and doubt rule decisions.  And believing in yourself and in each other.”

“When a company is built on a solid foundation based on principles, then they will do the right thing and be successful.

A mantra AM Technical solutions strives to accomplish every day.

“We believe Mr. Alexander’s positive approach in setting goals, leadership and team spirit were an incredible inspiration to our leadership team. We feel fortunate to have had him to solidify our common values and to motivate our drive toward reaching greater heights as a corporation,” says Kelly Mcandrew, CEO of AM Technical Solutions.

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