AMTS Completes Filler Room Plenum Expansion for ISO 5 Coverage

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) recently completed a plenum expansion project for a global medical manufacturing company’s on-site filler room.

The main purpose of the project was to replace the existing ceiling system in the filler room to provide ISO 5 coverage.

Another important element of the project was to install a bottom load flush grid system in place of the stick-built “damper” system in the facility space.

The Key Elements of the Plenum Expansion Project

The design concept was based on the idea of reconfiguring the distribution of conditioned air in the filler room. Conditioned air is now taken from low wall returns located in the filler room and recirculated over the top of the filler room through a plenum to achieve ISO 5 classification.

The full scope of elements contained in the expansion project included:

  • 304 SS Bottom Load Flush Grid Modules (to replace damper system).
  • Room Side replaceable bottom load HEPA filters with an efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns (installed at the interface with the bottom load flush grid system).
  • 304 SS 23% perforated flush face screens (provided at all filter openings at room side).
  • Recirculation fan installed on the roof of the facility.
  • Existing HEPAs in the HEPA bank removed.

Additional Work to Authenticate Quality of Plenum Expansion

AMTS also provided additional services to support the completion of the plenum expansion project.

  • Plenum system included the ability to insert polyalphaolefin (PAO) into the upstream air supply to test the integrity of the filters through the plenum.
  • Existing air handler units were tested to ensure they could handle static pressure from the new system.
  • Testing and certification was performed to authenticate the quality and viability of the expanded filler room to meet ISO 5 standards.

In addition to meeting our quality standard for the filler room project work, AMTS was proud of our ability to complete the project on time and within the customer’s budget.

“Our customer had a strict timeline that required immediate action from the AMTS team,” says Robert Logston, Senior Vice President, Construction. “Because of our company’s proven and reliable method for project execution and the exceptional capabilities of our team, we were able to complete the project to the satisfaction of the customer.”

To achieve the same level of satisfaction for your next cleanroom project, contact us today to inquire about utilizing our services.