Construction Project Management: Our Solution to Dramatically Improve the QA/QC Process

Many of today’s global construction companies operate with methods that are not fully aligned amongst all the participants. This is particularly because of the construction paradigm that states “Pick Two” out of Cost, Quality, and Schedule.

The result is that the construction industry has been stuck at the same production levels over the past 20 years despite advances in technology, systems, and capabilities. Comparatively, all other industrial sectors have utilized these advancements to meet their specific challenges, leading to productivity doubling in these industrial sectors.

What’s most alarming is that during this same period, more than 90 percent of mega-construction projects have been behind schedule and over budget. In large part, the past and current methods have not worked and rework has been significant, leading to cost and schedule overruns.

This points to a systematic problem with construction project management directly linked to conducting work incorrectly and weaknesses in the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) processes to support each phase of the project.

Improve Construction Project Management: Do Not Settle for Pick Two

In 25 years of construction project support, AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) has never accepted the construction paradigm of “Pick Two” out of cost, quality, and schedule. By addressing the key factors that impede productivity, we have developed effective methods for delivering higher productivity and value to our customer projects.

One of the key factors is the QA/QC services. These play a major role in influencing the progress of construction projects, ensuring alignment amongst teams at each stage of the project, creating accountability for following the plan, and tracking progress in real-time.

Implement Lean Processes to Improve Construction Project Management

AMTS has studied Lean methods from the manufacturing sector and applied these methods to our project support. We follow a three-step systematic methodology that addresses the common impediments in construction projects:

  • Communication Plan (between and across all members)
  • Quality Plan
  • Project Plan

Most of the issues arise from not fully knowing what, when, and where work is needed. This is compounded by having each team work out their own project plans from the master schedule plan.

Consider instead the power of applying Lean principles to construction management. Team leaders should utilize the master plan to create very clear instructions, guidelines, and processes for how the work should be performed.

This step ensures the work is performed in alignment with the master plan, the plans remain synchronized through strong communication, and quality assurance is performed in real-time to create immediate resolution to potential issues.

Our Solution to Improve Construction Management: TMA® Software App

We are proud to introduce the TMA® software app to support communication, quality, and project management for construction projects.

TMA® is the direct result of our company following Lean principles, studying wastes in the QA/QC process on construction projects, and applying our understanding to two steps in the three-step CQS process (communication and effective QA/QC implementation).

The result is a dramatic improvement in the effectiveness of project execution for our construction clients.

TMA® makes a significant difference in construction project management to ensure CQS and help construction companies advance beyond a “Pick Two” mentality:

  • Legibility of records
  • Searchable, single storage
  • Faster schedule due to First Time Right (reducing reworks)
  • Clearer evidence-based MEP project status
  • Representative of actual status via evidence vs. schedule tracking

Download Our New Whitepaper Detailing the TMA® App

To learn more about our new TMA® software app, please download our new whitepaper.

In this new whitepaper, AMTS Chief Business Office Sandeep Davé goes into more detail about the solution to improve the QA/QC processes, the types of waste that should be addressed in construction management, and how our software works to support each important aspect of construction management.

After downloading the whitepaper, please consider scheduling an educational demo of the software. We look forward to working with your company to improve construction project management and help you maximize profitability in today’s challenging construction environment.