Celebrating Employee Success and Career Growth

As our company reaches 25 years in business, we want to highlight employees who are an important part of our company’s success. We recognize that reaching this milestone is a direct result of the hard-working men and women who have invested in our company and our customers.

In this article, we will highlight three men who have grown tremendously over the past six years working with our customers on construction management projects. They exemplify our company’s focus on employee growth and development to continue fueling our overall company growth.

Consider the stories of Alex Horvath, Ryan Meeks, and Blaise Aldana. They are representative of the leadership and growth that has helped make our team successful, while growing their own skills and careers. We encourage you to get to know them.


Alex Horvath: Construction Manager

Alex Horvath has experienced tremendous professional growth over the past six years working with AMTS. Alex advanced to CMS manager at a key client location on the West Coast.

– Day-to-day duties: Leads and manages construction staff employees, oversees site operations of all business units and scopes, and engages and interacts with customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees.

– Greatest professional accomplishment: Cross-discipline management learning to focus and engage at multiple levels on multiple different scopes of work and projects.

Alex also implemented new and innovative methods of managing high-tech construction projects through a Lean Construction approach, specifically the Last Planner System.

– Most professional growth: Working with people, being approachable, listening, and engaging stakeholders.

“AMTS treats their employees with dignity and respect,” Alex says. “A large company with a family feel encourages growth and opportunity.”


Ryan Meeks: QAC Lead

Ryan Meeks is the quality manager at one of our key client locations in the Northwest United States. Ryan started with AMTS at the technical level submitting timesheets; now he oversees quality control and is in charge of hiring for his team.

– Day-to-day duties: Oversees site quality, company QAR (Quality Assurance Review) training, and Level III responsibilities for non-destructive testing (NDT).

– Greatest professional accomplishment: Acquiring the ACCP Professional Level III Certification. This allowed Ryan to become the AMTS Level III representative for internal QAR certification.



– Most professional growth: Learning the management side of the business and helping fellow inspectors grow, learn, and develop in their careers.

“I think AMTS has great opportunities and they value their employees,” Ryan says. “They will do what they can to retain good employees and there is always room for growth and more opportunities within the company.”





Blaise Aldana: Construction Coordinator

Blaise Aldana is one of our “road warriors” who travels wherever there is a need for higher-level technical support at a job site. Blaise has earned a reputation with our customers for getting the job done.

– Day-to-day duties: Oversees the installation and de-installation of automated material handling systems. Blaise also works with contractors, vendors, and customers to ensure that schedule needs are met, quality is maintained, and safety standards are upheld.

– Greatest professional accomplishment: Far and away, experiencing the completion of a project is Blaise’s most satisfying accomplishment.

– Most professional growth: Starting at an entry-level position, Blaise did not have much experience on the technical side. Getting to work with knowledgeable co-workers helped Blaise develop an understanding of systems used in the field that far exceeded his original job title.

“Being a part of AMTS exposes you to all kinds of assignments, and seeing those through is hugely gratifying,” Blaise says. “Experienced individuals find a work atmosphere where they are valued and respected, while new additions find mentors to help kindle the fire of potential.”

Work With AMTS — Experience Professional Growth

Many employees who start with AMTS are seeking technical construction jobs to get their foot in the industry. We don’t want employees to just settle for these roles, however.

We are seeking employees who are motivated to perform at a high level, who want to be stretched to grow in their knowledge and experience, and who have the skillset to ascend to a managerial position.

We are confident that if you invest yourself in our company, you will realize tremendous career growth, just like Alex Horvath, Ryan Meeks, and Blaise Aldana. To find out more about our current career opportunities, visit the Careers page on our website.