AMTS Supports SIA in Semiconductor Federal Funding Initiative

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) is seeking to strengthen U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research. The SIA is working with Congress, the Administration, and key industry stakeholders to encourage policies and regulations that fuel innovation, propel business, and drive international competition. 

We are proud to report that AMTS Chief Technology Officer Abbie Gregg is a key player involved in these efforts to ensure the viability of America’s semiconductor programs for generations to follow.

Where Does the Semiconductor Funding Initiative Stand?

SIA previously initiated a study on the current state of the semiconductor industry  and the environment needed in the short-term and long-term to remain competitive. This study was instrumental for significant investment and advancement of the industry during the last decade. 

Information from the study was recently used in Congressional testimony to encourage additional R&D investment through federal appropriations. 

In a letter from the SIA to leaders of the U.S. Congress, the organization encouraged financial decision makers to triple investments in semiconductor research over the next five years to a total of $5 billion annually.

The letter, which ties to a recent policy agenda, “Winning the Future: A Blueprint for Sustained U.S. Leadership in Semiconductor Technology,” also calls for an additional $40 billion of annual funding for semiconductor-related fields such as materials science, engineering, and applied mathematics.  An update to this study is in progress. 

The Federal Government’s Response to Semiconductor R&D

In July, the federal government announced they reached an agreement to raise federal spending levels and extend the debt limit for the next two years.

SIA reported that this was encouraging news because it could serve as a gateway for policymakers to prioritize research funds during the appropriations process. The result should be maintaining America’s status as a world leader in semiconductor technology.

In the interim, AMTS will continue to support the SIA in their research study. We look forward to seeing advancements in semiconductor technology through additional semiconductor federal funding.

– Read more about the SIA initiative, “Winning the Future,” including a full report and executive summary on the problem, solution, and statistics.