AMTS Supports Growth of Semiconductor Industry Through Education

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) is proud to be affiliated with SEMI, the leading organization that connects the semiconductor industry’s supply chain.

As part of our company’s commitment to supporting the industries we serve, AMTS has recently been involved in the SEMI Workforce Development Council.

The council is responsible for finding ways to educate and build up the next generation of workers entering the semiconductor industry. This will help ensure industry growth by addressing an aging workforce.

What is the Problem with the Semiconductor Workforce?

According to extensive research conducted by SEMI, there is a pressing need for qualified workers to fill critical roles.

  • 85 percent of surveyed SEMI member companies said that the lack of a qualified workforce is their top strategic challenge.

Experienced technicians and engineers are approaching retirement, creating a challenge for manufacturers to transfer knowledge, skills, and experience to the next generation of workers.

What is the Solution for the Semiconductor Workforce?

SEMI recently introduced the SEMI Works regional talent pipeline pilot program to better connect students and young professionals to opportunities available in the industry.

The first major pilot program is working with semiconductor companies in North Carolina’s “Research Triangle.” The program was launched in this region to connect numerous semiconductor companies to university-level students to broaden the industry’s talent pipeline.

We are excited that AMTS Chief Business Officer Sandeep Davé is part of the critical discussions in North Carolina helping develop real-world solutions for semiconductor companies operating in this region.

“The goal of this program is to introduce a unified competency model (UCM) for workers that will help advance the capabilities of manufacturers in the region and across the globe,” says Mr. Davé. “I am pleased to participate in the council to help develop programs and curriculum to support this initiative.”

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