AMTS Supports Another Mission Trip to Guatemala

As part of the company’s overall commitment to community service, AM Technical Solutions recently provided support helping to send Laura Hartley, a 16-year-old from Texas, on a mission trip to Guatemala. Laura is the daughter of a marketing consultant who has worked with AMTS for several years.

The trip was organized through a non-profit organization called Adventures in Missions (AIM). This group has an Ambassadors program that offers a variety of mission trips to high school aged kids.

Laura’s group of 22 people visited the towns of San Pedro and Antigua, both on Lake Atitlán, where they did daily prayer walks, ran VBS for school-aged children, visited local orphanages, and got the opportunity to share God’s love with hundreds of people.

“I learned so much on this trip. God has showed me in many ways that this trip was about ‘planting the seeds.’ Simply laughing or playing soccer with a kid was showing them a new kind of unconditional love that many of them have never known, just as Christ loves us. This was one of the many seeds that someday when God puts it into someone to talk about His own redeeming love for us, and his story of salvation, will blossom because they may already have a glimpse into that from the ‘seed planters’ like me,” says Laura.

“God has also called me to be bolder at home in Texas – in my school here, a coffee shop, or even my own home is just as much a mission field as the streets of Guatemala. You don’t have to go to some poverty ridden third world country to show people the love of Christ (although it is still a great thing). We’re all called to live a life devoted to Christ and dwell in that love and freedom The Lord’s given to us; a response to this great redemption is serving the kingdom knowing that God and His own glory is the purpose for it, to let others know of this love and sacrifice we were given. Living a lifestyle of missions is so crucial; and I encourage everyone to surrender all parts of your life to serving others for The Lord. I can’t wait to see what God continues to place in my heart and the hearts of my teammates as we’re all now home, I pray that God would continue to reveal His goodness and faithfulness to me and I thank Him in advance for all He’s going to do. Regardless of where I am in this world or who I’m serving; it comes back to relying on His strength and not my own. Because after all, those two weeks weren’t mine, they’re His.”