AMTS Given Process Tool and Facility Decommissioning Award

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) was recently given a Process Tool and Facility Decommissioning award by a global semiconductor company, who has only issued the award three times over the past 20+ years.

Why Was AMTS Granted the Award?

The semiconductor company first approached AMTS to tap into our expertise to create the scope of the decommissioning project. Because we have experience successfully executing FAB conversion projects, our team was able to walk through the facility and analyze all equipment to propose the work that would be required.

Subsequently, the company asked AMTS to bid on the project. We worked closely with the company to customize our bid and refine the scope due to changing business conditions.

The semiconductor then selected AMTS as an award recipient due to:

  • Our performance with current projects working with the company.
  • Our track record in similar decommissioning projects.
  • Our ability to define the work scope that would be required.
  • Our detailed proposal and plan, plus our responsiveness to refine the proposal and plan.

A “First Time Right” Mindset

“It was an honor to receive this award, and a real testament to the very careful assessment our team completed during detailed facility walk throughs,” says Sandeep Davé, Chief Business Officer for AMTS.

“Our clients count on us to understand their business challenges, scope requirements, timelines, and budgets. We take our time to assess the complete environment and then propose the best solutions that ensure the project is done right the first time. When we are able to work in close partnership with our clients, we can help them meet all of their objectives.”