AMTS Employee Spotlight: Larry Camp and Jeanie Burdi

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) appreciates the hard-working men and women who support our global project teams. Our dedicated employees have a variety of expertise, skills, and experience to help our company continually deliver on cost, schedule, and quality for each of our customers.

We also appreciate that our employees are committed to giving back to other people, helping others realize their capabilities.

This quarter, we are spotlighting two employees who exemplify our company’s commitment to deliver value to our customers, our employees, and our company. They have been exemplary in serving customers, conducting quality work, and pouring into others: Larry Camp and Jeanie Burdi.

Employee Spotlight: Larry Camp

Larry Camp is an on-site Quality Project Manager for one of our customers, a major electronics manufacturer. 

Larry has worked for AMTS for 10 years total and nine years consecutively. In his current managerial role, Larry oversees, plans, and executes third-party quality activities for our customer.

Larry also helps his employees grow in their own careers by asking them to take on more responsibility. He can relate because he started in a similar position as an entry-level employee. As he reached new levels in our organization, Larry grew his capabilities until becoming a manager.

“AMTS gives you the opportunity to showcase your potential,” Larry says. “Employees are also empowered to grow and challenge themselves professionally.”

We are proud of Larry for his commitment to growing professionally, upholding quality standards for our customer, and encouraging others to push themselves to reach their capabilities.

Employee Spotlight: Jeanie Burdi

Jeanie Burdi is a Master Project Scheduler for AMTS. She has built critical industry relationships that enable our globally-integrated teams to deliver successful project completion for our customers.

Because of her unique combination of project management experience for global projects and her business acumen as a former COO, Jeanie is uniquely qualified to listen to each customers’ needs to establish the objectives and deliverables for a project. She then strategizes solutions that are in the best interest of the customer and the project.

In her role, Jeanie has continued to grow as a person to become best-in-class at Project Management and Project Scheduling. However, her work is not limited to AMTS. She has also paid it forward by helping others.

“My commitment as an employee doesn’t stop with our customers,” Jeanie says. “I have been committed to working with an underprivileged person to remotely educate him on project scheduling and project management phase.”

In December 2017, Jeanie began a mentorship relationship with Otobong Sampson, a Nigerian man who wanted to learn project scheduling. Jeanie led bi-weekly classes over Facebook, helping Otobong land a position with a construction company as the main project scheduler.

“I’m very proud of Otobong, as he has embraced everything schedule and has set his goals to become one of the best schedulers in his field,” Jeanie says.

AMTS Proud of Larry Camp and Jeanie Burdi

Our company is committed to helping employees grow their capabilities and tap into the best version of themselves. We also love to see our employees share their knowledge and expertise with others to continue the cycle of growth and learning.

Thank you to Larry Camp and Jeanie Burdi for their hard work, commitment, and amazing example to others!