AMTS Employee Joins Powerful Mission Trip to India

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) is proud of one of our employees, Haydee Betancourt, for participating in a powerful mission trip to India earlier this year.

Haydee joined a team from the non-profit organization FETCH that traveled to Hyderabad, India, to deliver critical supplies and to provide hope through the good news of the Gospel message.

The mission trip was designed to reach adults — as well as children — who need a sense of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation living in difficult conditions.

What Was Included on the Mission Trip?

Each night of the mission trip, FETCH hosted Vocational Bible Study for children and adults to enhance their practical skills. They also organized craft activities for the children.

Because health is a critical concern in the Hyderabad community, FETCH set up clinics to provide physical exams for residents. Haydee also joined team members visiting sick residents in the hospital. The team prayed for the patients and delivered gifts to lift their spirits.

Additionally, the mission included important service projects such as delivering food bags of lentils and rice, painting the local church, and providing uniforms to children that were donated to the mission.

Above all else, though, the number one goal of the mission was to share the love of God with their new friends in India!

India Mission Trip is Still Ongoing

The mission did not end once the FETCH team left India to return to the United States. Haydee and her husband are now delivering hygiene packets back to India. This is critical because many of the residents do not have daily necessities that are too costly to purchase.

Imagine not being able to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, or deodorant because you only have enough resources to feed your family. That is the reality for many of the people in Hyderabad.

AMTS is proud of Haydee’s commitment to being the hands and feet of God impacting people in a powerful way across the world. To find out more about FETCH, visit the mission on Facebook.