AMTS Celebrates 25th Anniversary: Leadership, Innovation, Sustainability

As we turn the page to a new year, our company is proud to celebrate 25 years of business supporting the construction and project needs of our valued customers.

Our business model is built on the ideas of leadership development to fuel our growth, innovation to deliver value to our customers, and sustainability to continue advancing forward as an industry-leader.

Back in 1994, our company was built on the idea of long-term sustainability. Reaching this milestone for our company validates the effect of the most common underlying consideration in all of our decisions and objectives.

“As we move forward, we will continue to make decisions based on our core values that lead to long-term sustainability,” says AMTS founder Tim Self. “And, by the Grace of God, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary when the time comes.”

AMTS Anniversary Pillar: Leadership

As we strive to reach another milestone, we are confident that our values and leadership, above all else, will be the biggest growth driver for our company.

We will continue to pursue outside talent and strategic innovation through acquisition. However, it will be through the mentoring and development of leaders from our core ranks that will allow us to anchor and maintain the values and culture that is critical to our long-term sustainability.

Without the right culture being truly foundational, no level of innovation will be able to sustain the company.

We are aware of many great companies who have lost their stature without a foundation built on strong leadership. That’s why we believe that developing leaders internally and recruiting appropriately-experienced people externally will be the key driver of innovation going forward.

Kathy, a 15 year manager for AMTS says, “I believe that our longevity in the industry is a direct reflection of the AMTS leadership. Over the past 15+ years, AMTS continues to think outside the box without limiting our service to one area of expertise; AMTS is in front of technology and applies common sense and integrity in our practices.”

AMTS Anniversary Pillar: Innovation

One of the biggest areas of growth over the past 25 years has been our innovative project delivery solutions. By delivering on our commitments and developing our capabilities, we have been provided opportunities of strategic scope increases to our client base.

The needs of our clients are specific to their technologies and require application-specific facilities and construction solutions. The necessity of continued innovation is intuitive to our culture and instinctive of our teams.

We believe this is necessary because the construction industry has not improved productivity in-line with all industries. While the industry has delivered some improvements in design solutions (BIM), surveying (3D scanning), and construction materials, productivity has essentially been flat for 25 years.

The conglomerate construction companies continue to push the same delivery models and processes. They profess that while their clients may be technical leaders in their respective product categories, they are advised to take a backseat to the construction of their facility.

Their position may be based on the perspective that all facilities can be constructed using the same models suitable for commercial building construction with some minor considerations for specific mechanical and electrical process.

It’s an age-old model that mitigates legal and financial risk for the construction company with a result not suitable to the technology-based client. Unfortunately, the Egyptians may have been more innovative building the Pyramids in 2000 BC. There is a better approach to today’s modern construction projects.

AMTS Anniversary Pillar: Sustainability

We believe and practice a different approach to construction: Lean. Our company operated on Lean principles from the beginning, without officially calling it Lean, with clear focus on communication that was simple and direct.

By practicing Lean, we are able to address complexity through “leaning” out the project activities (or as we like to name it, simplifying the complexity). Additionally, emphasizing communication clarity has enhanced our project success delivery with cost effectiveness.

We believe in the delivery of all three: Cost, Quality, and Schedule, and we know that our customers cannot accept “two out of three” that is the common operational mode in construction.

From our inception, we have operated on the notion of delivering value to our clients. By combining this focus with a deliberate approach to growing employees and serving our communities, we believe the stage is set for future growth.

“AMTS is very diverse. Because AMTS always does the right thing, customers always return to allow AMTS future work,” says Jan, an 18 year manager. “Both employees and customers are treated with the utmost respect.”

Reflections on 25 Years of Serving Others

Our approach has served us well over the past 25 years:

– We have provided jobs and income to support an increasing number of families over the past 25 years. Now, the children of these same families are stepping up to become the next generation of leaders for AMTS.

– Each year, our company and our employees are able to provide help to the less fortunate members of our community and many beyond our community.

– We have maintained our innovative nature and continue to evolve the technology and project delivery models that support our clients and our industries.

“AMTS is a people-first company with unrelenting dedication to our customer’s needs and goals,” says a project manager. “AMTS fosters a culture that believes in its people, who in turn deliver best-in-class customer support. We are a TEAM in every sense of the word, no hidden agendas, no internal strife. Our ability to support each other translates to success on all levels.”

We are taking time to celebrate this anniversary, while also looking ahead to what’s next. We want you to be part of the next chapter of our company’s history. Contact us today to inquire about leveraging our leaders, innovative solutions, and approach to long-term sustainability to support your project needs.