AMTS Awarded Programming, Industrial Engineering, and Conceptual Design Project for a Semiconductor Facility

AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) is proud to announce that our company has been awarded a Programming, Industrial Engineering and Conceptual Design project for an advanced semiconductor facility.

The project requires understanding and flexibility to address the unique requirements for this advanced technology project.

Why AMTS is Equipped to Support the Semiconductor Programming Project

High-tech clean manufacturing facilities are the singular focus of AMTS and Abbie Gregg, Inc., an AM company. Our combined experience of designing, building and operating fabs has been an important factor in successfully understanding the unique needs of our customers while also delivering competitive solutions to our customers.

As a licensed Architecture, Engineering, and General Contracting firm, the AGI-AM team has designed, built, and operated high-tech facilities in the Semiconductor, Life Sciences, and Laboratory environments all over the world.

Our company employs more than 500 full-time professionals that are experts in high-tech construction build. Also, we are led by a knowledgeable and highly-capable leadership team whose experiences include Fab Manufacturing Operations and Fab Facilities Operations.

“The combination of expertise and reliable processes makes AGI-AM uniquely qualified to successfully deliver on this exciting semiconductor facility build,” says Sandeep Davé, AMTS Chief Business Officer. “I am confident that our team will follow through on our programming, engineering, and concept design plans to successfully complete the project.”

To leverage our team’s capabilities for your next high-tech construction project, contact us today to inquire about services.