AM Technical Solutions to Feature Author and Mountaineer Eric Alexander at Quarterly Management Meeting

AMTS is pleased to announce that author and mountaineer, Eric Alexander will be presenting at their upcoming Quarterly Management Meeting.  Trust, Courage, Teamwork, Leadership, Integrity and Innovation. Through Mr. Alexander’s incredible life experiences, he will bring enhanced meaning to these words, and speak about their application in a business context.

Eric Alexander is a renowned speaker and the author of The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest’s Death Zone.

More than a skier, climber, and mountaineer, Eric is a person who embodies a picture of hope and possibility for the rest of us.  Think you can’t reach that next summit which is calling you?  Eric says, think again.  With years of speaking experience, Eric delivers a multimedia presentation which he shares in such a way as to bring you right into the emotion of the moment.

Summiting the highest peaks in the world is an extraordinary accomplishment for the fittest of climbers, but Eric has led people with disabilities to the top of the highest point on six of seven continents, including his blind friend Erik Weihenmayer to the summit of Everest.

Speaking Topics

Eric knows that to succeed as a team each individual on that team must be a person who is trustworthy and must also demonstrate the ability to trust those around them.

Dare to risk it all when the “experts” say the risk is too great.  Eric speaks of moving forward in spite of your fears and your peers, stepping out in faith and courage to provide, as he says, “that we are the experts on ourselves.”

The selfless efforts of a team made guiding a blind man to the summit of Mt. Everest possible.

Opportunities to quit present themselves at every step of our journeys.  We all must be willing at times to take the lead and keep striving for our goals.

In the high mountains, lives depend on following through on promises with action.

This takes your small steps of progress and transforms them into giant leaps ofver time, turning what was once thought of as impossible to being totally plausible.

For an example of one of the team’s climbs, watch this clip of “Can You See How I See”

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