AM Technical Solutions Supports Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW)

As part of our commitment to the communities where we do business, AM Technical Solutions is proud to support HOW.

AMTS recently sponsored a trip to Vietnam for Co-Founder and Executive Director of HOW, Hillary Joi Brown.  During her trip, Hillary was able to renew HOW’s mission for 1 year with the promising possibility of an additional 5-year registration from the government of Vietnam.  Through Hillary’s focus and ability to build strong partnerships with shelters, children’s hospitals, clinics, doctors, EB nurses and education centers HOW will continue to support their non-profit partner organizations and make a difference in these children’s lives.

Founded in 2007, Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW), is a non-profit organization committed to providing hope, health and security to abused, abandoned and neglected children living in deprived areas of the world. Their work has so far has focused on Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam and the Philippines where they work to improve the lives of needy children by using a hands-on, grass roots approach to affect positive change.

HOW works directly with existing non-profit organizations within each community to provide immediate and long-term assistance to defend, protect and rehabilitate these children.  HOW’s goal is to assist in and develop long-term, self-sustaining programs that will have a positive and lasting impact on those once abandoned. They support the initiatives of best practice charities through funding and collaborative projects, while providing direct support to selected organizations through their Volunteer Immersion Programs.

AM Technical Solutions is proud to work with such a great person and wonderful organization and hopes that our commitment helps HOW make a difference to these children in Southeast Asia.