AM Technical Solutions Completes Tool Installation Project for Brazil’s First Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

Since 2001, AM Technical Solutions (AMTS) has completed nearly 4,500 projects with a heavy focus on the semiconductor industry.  In 2011, our project team – through a local joint venture partnership – completed the semiconductor industry’s first project in Brazil.

After arriving on the project in September 2008, the project team worked on a wide array of services including:

  • Tool installation:
    • Material Procurement, including identifying the industry standard material for the project
    • Facilities design and P&ID production
    • Systems capacity matrix
    • Sub Fab layout of support equipment and also maintenance access for equipment
    • Design of Tool support and vibration Pedestals
    • Tool and pedestal move-in and placement
    • Training for local companies on the best installation practices
    • All Tool Install Quality, this included testing all systems to Semi standards and welder certification and weld inspection, line complete walk down and electrical systems sign off etc
    • Commissioning of all Tool Install systems
  • Integrated Construction Management of entire project
  • Clean Room Certification
  • Test & Balance of all exhaust systems
  • Operation and maintenance of all site systems prior to hand over to the end user and technology transfer of same
  • Site Safety
  • Client assistance in setting up their internal procurement department

“[The] scope and performance on the project was performed exceptionally well and with a high degree of professionalism and integrity.  [Your company’s] extensive experience in building and maintaining high tech facilities was displayed during the successful construction, close out and maintenance of the Ceitec Semiconductor Facility,” says Robinson Sezar, Project Executive from ConsorcioRacional Delta.

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